Read Spiritual Books – A Boon for a Happy and Positive Life!

Read Spiritual Books – A Boon for a Happy and Positive Life!

No matter what’s going on in the world, a good book can help create a great mindset and a wonderful and productive way to spend our time. As the lockdown period of Covid-19 is still on in many places, while staying at home, many of us are seeking entertainment, knowledge gain and exercise for our minds.

Reading can bring you respite, give yourself relief and open your mind to new and fresh perspectives. For relaxation, browsing your reading room shelf for a book and putting yourself in a comfortable reading corner would be a great option. Thankfully, books are easy to access today, even without leaving your home. When you are free to go out, libraries are a great way to pass time. Nevertheless, buying a good book is also convenient today, with a multitude of options and selection available to suit your field of interest. You could select from a wide range of collections of books on Fiction, Dictionaries, Comics, Art, Cooking, Science, Religion, Scripture, Spirituality, Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Counselling, Encyclopedias and the list goes on…

Every religion has its own teachings from Holy Scriptures. From the collection of Holy Books of every religion to the various other religious and spiritual needs, books provide a wide range of information, comfort and solace. A spiritual book has the power to be life transforming, carry a unique power of healing, can also leave a great impression in a reader’s life and positively impact and change one’s life for the better. We are very well aware of the way the World has been positively impacted by Leaders who have themselves been impacted by the good literature they have read. Many great organisations whether spiritual or commercial have been founded by Founders who were avid readers.

Good spiritual reading will lead to prayer and an ever-growing desire to improve one’s life and be a model to the family, friends, and benefit the Society. When you do your spiritual reading, put yourself in God’s presence and invoke the Holy Spirit. Make sure you are fully alert and located in a well-lit space, far from distractions. The reader should be working on just one book at a time, which he should read from beginning to end, perhaps taking notes or otherwise highlighting those points that particularly strike him. This will be an aid for a silent prayer or to conversation in spiritual direction.

Seniors to juniors no matter what’s your interest, books can provide you unlimited options to select from. While at home, children can look for a book which can match with their curricular, co-curricular activities or grow their knowledge in other areas which would be of immense value to them in their life. Thanks to the technology we are into today, if you’d like to purchase a book, quickly go through an ecommerce book website for a wide range of books of your interest and place your order.

A good way to join your peers! Look for people in your community or on social media, who are reading the same book as you are reading. Keeping up with their discussions and ideas on the reading will help you move forward with your reading. You can join a reading challenge and set a goal for the number of books you would like to read in a given year. Giving a specific challenge can do a lot to hold a person accountable and motivate one to reach the goal. You would be amazed at how much reading you can possibly do.

Reading books is a peaceful hobby for any time of the year and especially in these times. It can be done silently at home which keeps you occupied without making you feel either lonely or disturbed. It’s a good way of practicing self-discipline and social distancing. With advancement in technology, it has also become an inexpensive hobby and can be enjoyed by anyone fond of reading.

Regular reading will make you a better person, fill you with positivity, happiness and add beauty to your life. Reading books helps build a great vocabulary, a prized possession today which would help a reader in every area of life. Moreover, command over the language impresses the listener. If you concentrate on reading daily, slowly it’ll become a habit which you will cherish, which will significantly help you master the language, improve your knowledge and conversations, and become a better person.

Look for a wide range of spiritual and religious books.. It’s great to have a personal library or collection of your own. You could seek the help of other readers, friends, online forum or a bookseller who is knowledgeable in this area to help build a collection of the best books in your area of interest. So let us benefit ourselves by giving time and priority to cultivating this great habit of reading books and transform our lives into “Happy & Positive lives” and remember that Good Readers make Great Leaders!