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Here’s all you need to know about ATC Publishers and JoyofGifting.com

We are a part of the ATC Group, which started back in 1946. ATC is involved in publishing, exporting, importing and distributing Bibles, Christian literature, religious gift articles, and merchandise throughout India, and across the globe.

ATC Publishers has been at the forefront of publishing Christian Literature and is the number one supplier of this literature to Institutions in India and Asia for the past seven decades. This website caters to over 40 countries, and has grown to be one of India’s leading Christian Giftware Portals.

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Our Business

We are proud to represent a carefully selected range of inspirational products, including books, Bibles, ceramics, keychains, t-shirts, articles, and more.

We have published over 2000 titles in the areas of Sacred Scripture, Theology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Homiletics, Counselling, Psychology, Personal Development, and more. We house some of the best collections of Holy Bibles, Biblical Commentaries, Dictionaries, and Christian literature.

JoyofGifting.com aims to bring the Word of God into people’s lives and homes with beautiful contemporary gifts. If it holds the JoyOfGifting.com name, you can trust it’s message.

We hope that you enjoy both browsing through the website and using or gifting the precious resources available on it.

Our mission and vision is to keep the Christian faith alive in people’s lives, exemplify His Kingdom, and to help people across the world to share in His love by supplying everyone with resources that manifest God in new, innovative, and modern ways.


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