Our prepress services are focused on making the initial steps of the print production as efficient and successful as possible.

Content Management

  • The prepress process begins when clients provide us with their product files
  • We then put the files through an error-checking process (Editing).
  • Our editors make sure every line is clear, concise, and necessary.

Book Design

  • The product is sent for setting up individual pages for the appropriate print.
  • We use InDesign software for setting up the pages in the best way for readability.
  • Our standard book size is Demi 1/8th (The books can be printed in just about any size you choose. If cost is a concern, designing your book’s page size to conform to one of the standard page sizes will optimize the production of your book and keep the price as low as possible.)
  • Book cover design – Get a Cover that Represents Your Work in order to produce a top quality book.
  • ISBN – International Standard Book Number. A unique 10– or 13-digit number assigned to a published book.


  • Projects move into the proofing process.
  • We provide 2 proofs. The authors has enough time to go through the formatted proof before finalising the text for print.

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