Book of the Gospels contains the Gospel Passages for:

1. Sundays of all three cycles

2. Solemnities of the Lord celebrated in the Ordinary Time of all the 3 cycles

3. Feasts and Solemnities of the Lord and the Saints celebrated on Sundays

4. Ritual Masses

Book of the Gospels is the liturgical book that contains all Gospel passages from the Lectionary. It is carried in the Entrance Procession of the Mass. The presence of the Book of the Gospels carried in procession helps emphasize God’s Word as present and visible to the assembled faithful. It also emphasizes the glory of the Word through the use of beautiful gold-stamped liturgical art: The cover art includes the picture of Jesus who is the Word made Flesh and that Jesus is the fulfillment of all of the Scriptures.

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Weight 1448 g
Dimensions 35.6 × 23.5 × 2.5 cm
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