“The Book of the Gospels is specially venerated since it
represents the person of Jesus Christ who is proclaimed in
the liturgy.” (Directives for the Celebration of the Liturgy,
2(ii)d)The Book of the Gospels is meant to convey the power ofthe word of God to our communities. The rich cover art and impressive size truly makes The Book of the Gospels a handsome work for emphasizing the dignity of the Word. The use of The Book of the Gospels is highlyrecommended at the celebration of the Eucharist onSundays and Solemn Feast days.

The Book of the Gospels includes the GospelReadings of:
1. Sundays of all three cycles
2. Solemnities of the Lord celebrated in the
Ordinary Time of all the 3 cycles
3. Solemnities of the Lord and the Saintscelebrated on Sundays
4. Ritual Masses
5. Proper Masses


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