What does it mean to be a human person? 

What does it mean to be a man or a woman? 

Is my gender imposed on me, or is it something that I can create? 

In his theology of the body catecheses, St. John Paul II called for the development of "a theology of masculinity and femininity," "linked from the beginning with the creation of man in the image of God." This is a response to his call and to the questions of our time. 

Co-authored by professors from throughout the universal Church, Woman and Man He Resurrected Them is a study guide aimed at helping youth and young adults think further about how sex and gender can be fruitfully lived and understood. Beginning with the questions posed by gender theory, it explores how gender and sexuality are revealed within Scripture. Drawing then upon various feminine and masculine voices within the Christian Tradition and universal Church, it dives into the challenges to gender posed by Dante Alighieri, Christine de Pizan, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, male and female Indian saints, the Ugandan marytrs, and Adrienne von Speyr. Upon this basis, it finally re-examines gender theory in the light of science, catechetics, and pastoral ministry. Short sessions explaining each of these steps are accompanied by opening class activities, suggestions for texts to be read, and discussion questions, aiding participants to personally assume and proclaim the Good News: created male and female, we will be resurrected as men and women! 


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