• This book is only an invitation to think over a host of educational thoughts.

  • The pages of this book are situated in the context of the author’s own experience as a teacher and school headmaster for many years. These are lived reflections, a re-definition of what others have thought and taught on schooling and parenting.

  • These chapters may provoke and inspire you at the same time and help you reflect on a hundred forgotten details on child racing and education.

  • The book appeared in 2001 under the title ‘Better Schooling, Better Parenting’ as a souvenir of the author’s 25th ordination anniversary. Much water flowed under the bridge since then and this book is a reprint of the book with necessary corrections and some additions here and there.

  • Raising children is more challenging today than it was before. This book is dedicated to all teachers, parents, and menders.

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