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A book comparing Jesus and Ambedkar could disturb many Christians for fear that the divinity of Jesus and his uniqueness might be diluted. However, the present book relates Jesus of history and his liberative agenda in favour of the marginalized with the struggles of Dr Ambedkar for the liberation of the Dalits. In this way, the book brings the ideals of the Reign of God closer to the Dalit aspirations and dreams. 

The book juxtaposes the basic beliefs, options and actions of these two great personalities who have transformed the world. The author raises many issues that require our attention as individuals and community. The famous controversies and conflicts between Dr Ambedkar and Gandhi too are dealt with. The author has powerfully and convincingly brought out the various struggles of both Ambedkar and Jesus to usher in an equalitarian society endowed with human dignity. 

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The Relevance of an Emancipatory Correlation between Jesus and Ambedkar to the Contemporary Indian Catholic Church


George A. Sebastin Babu, HGN