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On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis released a message on St. Francis de Sales, a Saint who teaches us that ldquo;devotion to God is meant for everyone, in every situation. rdquo;

St. Francis taught against the protestant heresies and laid the groundwork for the teaching of the Second Vatican Council on what is now called the universal call to holiness. It reaffirms the teaching of Jesus and the early Church that every Baptized Christian is called to sanctity, no matter what their career or state in life. In every career and state in life, Christians can become more and more like Jesus Christ. That is, after all, what holiness really means.

For Pope Francis, like St John Paul II, St Francis de Sales is a lsquo;Doctor of Divine Love rsquo;, an lsquo;interpreter rsquo; of his time and an lsquo;extraordinary director of souls. He guided people to seek the Lord in their hearts and find him in charity. This Apostolic Letter Totum amoris est, ( lsquo;Love is Everythng rsquo;) marks the fourth centenary of the death of this Bishop of Geneva who was declared a Doctor of the Church and patron of journalists and communicators,. The great vocation of Saint Francis was to ask lsquo;in every situation in life where the greatest love is to be found rsquo;. In his outstanding Treatise on the Love of God, he first and foremost bore outstanding witness to that love. lsquo;At the very thought of God, one immediately feels a certain delightful emotion of the heart, which testifies that God is God of the human heart. rsquo; Faith is not lsquo;a passive and emotionless abandonment to a doctrine stripped of the flesh and history rsquo;, but is lsquo;first and foremost an attitude of the heart rsquo;, that is born from the contemplation of the life of Jesus.

This Apostolic Letter prompts a revisiting of the works of St Francis de Sales that have inspired many generations to reflect again on faith, hope and especially on charity.

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Apostolic Letter on the Fourth Centenary of the Death of Saint Francis de Sales