Today, the prayer is not considered the first choice of the winners, but the last option of the defeated. To remain still in touch with God is too difficult a task for people who are busy and determined to make a bid in life. Colin and Priya explain to us that prayer is as simple as life breath. It is also urgent and essential to life as well. Their teaching is rooted in the ancient Christian spiritual tradition of prayer. The Two Keys to walking in victory namely, praying in tongues continually and commanding in the name of Jesus will guarantee that we walk as Jesus and the early Christians walked here on earth. God has given us dominion and authority to rule and reign here on earth and the Holy Spirit empowers and equips everyone who is yielded to Him to do it. When we pray in tongues continually, we can live in triumph and all the charisms, gifts and the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in our lives. This book will help us to experience the re-awakening of the Holy Spirit and to walk in greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

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Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit in our Lives